Bereeth Resources Ltd.

Delivering on time and every time....

Efficient food supply chain, mobility, shelter, and energy are some of the key elements for human existence to thrive in our world.

Bereeth Resources Limited is positioned to provide bespoke solutions, tailor made to suit specific industry, environment and operating terrain; by engaging in Technical Services, Trading, Export, Logistics, Building & Construction, Energy and Green Mobility.

Our overarching vision is to be the preferred international trade partner, foremost energy support, Agro-Allied Suppliers, manufacturing and mobility partner in the African continent with global reach and impact.



  • Grow GDP through diversified portfolio, investments, Export, commodity trading, Agro-Allied Products, bespoke logistics services, Engineering Services, Energies, Renewables and bring affordable green energy to the streets.


  • People are at the heart of our business – Empowering our people for high performance, excellence and maximum impact.
  • Quality Product and Service delivery are non negotiable
  • We work assiduously to power sustainability and preserve our planet.